Company Info

The von Hoerner & Sulger GmbH was founded in 1971 by Dr. Hanna von Hoerner as a space and medicine technology engineering office. Since then, the company has designed and realised a large number of rocket and space-borne scientific instruments. The company’s activities range from conceptual design studies until test and integration of complete flight model instruments.

vH&S has the legal status of limited company (GmbH) and is an SME by European standards. It is a privately owned, independent industrial entity with no participation of other industrial entities. As an SME, the company has a lean and efficient structure, allowing to realise technically and organisationally complex projects in very short amounts of time at very low cost. Total staff is 23 persons.

Von Hoerner & Sulger (vH&S) is a small enterprise, acting since 1971 very successfully in the fields of scientific space- and rocket-borne systems, robotic systems for planetary exploration, medical analytical systems, and systems for science and industry in general.