Heritage since 1971 - We provide space technology solutions.

Extreme performance requirements, strong power and mass constraints, long mission durations combined with a harsh environment, that is what makes things in space different from most terrestrial applications. The von Hoerner & Sulger GmbH (vH&S) meets these challenges. Space technology is our core business. Since 1971 vH&S has accumulated extensive space flight heritage: We have built more than 15 flight-qualified scientific space experiments and more than 30 sounding rocket experiments.

Company Info

Since 1971 vH&S has accumulated extensive space flight heritage. Read about more about our company, our philosophy, and its history.

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Space Instruments

Read more about the scientific research instruments built by vH&S. See how we can support your space project with tailored high-reliability hardware.

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We can assist you already in the first phase of your space project, from initial studies over component development to full instrument proposals

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Rocket Experiments

We have developed a range of instruments for suborbital missions to measure properties of the upper atmosphere like charging effects and small scale pressure fluctuations

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Rovers for Space

Since 1989 the company von Hoerner & Sulger is doing research in the field of robotic systems and planetary exploration. Read more about our portfolio of rover developments

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Industry Projects

With a strong knowledge base and a staff of engineers and physicists it is not surprising that vH&S provides successful and practical solutions also for industry applications on Earth

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