Space Instruments

Extreme performance requirements, severe power and mass constraints, long mission durations combined with a harsh environment, that is what makes things different from most terrestrial applications. Scientific space instruments are our very core business since the beginning more than 35 years ago. And it’s not only our business – we love to develop systems that expand your knowledge about space.

The following example projects illustrate our flight heritage of instruments in space.

Space InstrumentsDDA

DESTINY+ Dust Analyzer

Space InstrumentsMETI-XSB

METimage Cross-Strap Box

Space InstrumentsEPDP

Electric Propulsion Diagnostic Package

Space InstrumentsMERLIN LAE

MERLIN Laser Electronics

Space InstrumentsICARUS

ICARUS RF Frontend for the ISS

Space InstrumentsPK4HV/ISS

Plasma experiment arrived at the ISS

Space InstrumentsROKVISS

Stereo camera for the ISS

Space InstrumentsLAD

Lyman-Alpha Detector Experiments for the TWINS Mission

Space InstrumentsCOSIMA

Mass Spectrometer for the ROSETTA Mission

Space InstrumentsCIDA

Mass Spectrometer for the Stardust Mission

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