DESTINY+ Dust Analyzer

Preliminary Design of the DDA E-Box.
Preliminary Design of the DDA E-Box.
Preliminary Design of the DDA Sensor.
Preliminary Design of the DDA Sensor.

The DESTINY+ Dust Analyzer (DDA) instrument is a scientific payload onboard the Japanese DESTINY+ mission. On its journey to asteroid (3200) Phaethon, DDA’s scientific task is to analyze interstellar and interplanetary dust. A further goal is to analyze Phaethon’s dust environment during the encounter. DDA is a German contribution under DLR funding to the DESTINY+ mission by JAXA. It is a joint development by the Institute of Space Systems (IRS) at the University of Stuttgart and the von Hoerner & Sulger GmbH (vH&S).

The development for the DDA Electronics is done by vH&S. Main Tasks of the Electronics are:

  • Low-noise front end design.
  • Data acquisition at 350MHz and 40MHz sampling rate at a total number of 9 channels.
  • Driving two stepper motors for azimuth and elevation movement of the sensor head.
  • High Voltage Converters for instrument operation.
  • Data handling and communication with S/C via SpaceWire Interface.


To request more info, please write E-Mail to Dr. Hartmut Henkel, E-Mail: henkel@vh-s.de.