Industry Projects

With a strong knowledge base by a staff of engineers and physicists it is not surprising that vH&S can provide successful and practical solutions also for instrumentation problems on Earth both for industry and research. Since the company's foundation it has undertaken more than 100 non-space related projects, ranging from medical and pharmacology analysis to recent specialty sensors and developments for nutrition industry.

The following examples illustrate our experience regarding custom developments for industry.

The HMS201 measurement system is capable to electronically measure the H2O2 concentration in high-temperature vapor. H2O2 is used widely in the food industry to sterilize packaging and machines.
The main advantages of H2O2 are that it breaks down into water and oxygen and that its usage is permitted.

splice detector thumbnailIndustrial filling processes for beverage containers made from cardboard sandwich often use polyethylen tapes for sealing at the welded seams. The 5 to 50 μm thick and 10 km long tapes are furled on spools. As the tapes can not be extruded in one piece of this length, they are spliced together from shorter runs. These splices are problematic for the filling process, since they could cause leakages or process interruptions.

Our system quickly and reliably detects the splices within the tapes so that affected beverage containers can be dropped in time during the filling process. This increases the process stability and the product quality (reduced leakage risk, increased shelf life).

The splice detector uses a robust capacitive sensor principle and can easily be adjusted to different tape widths and thicknesses. The data interface is compatible with industrial automation bus systems.

IRD thumbnailA hand-held, battery driven device with laser pointer for active differential reflectance measurements with infrared light, for a security application.