Rovers & robots

Dr. Sabine Klinkner (vH&S) is member of the SpaceBot Cup jury

November 2013: For the first time a national space robotic competition took place. The SpaceBot Cup was arranged by the DLR space administration funded by the Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Technologie (BMWi). Within the contest, 10 teams were aiming to solve the demanding task, showing many innovative ideas and technical solutions. As member of the independent jury, Dr. Sabine Klinkner (vH&S) and her four jury-colleagues judged the ability of the systems to fulfil the tasks.

For more information on the SpaceBot Cup please check the DLR webpage:

The jury

Image by DLR, right to left: Dr. Andreas Ciossek (telerob), Dr. Sabine Klinkner (von Hoerner & Sulger), Dr. André Schiele (ESTEC), Dr. Frank Schneider (FKIE), Prof. Dr. Jürgen Rossmann (RWTH Aachen), Dr. Gerd Gruppe (DLR)

Rovers galore